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2021 Junior/Senior Prom Student Info

Grand March

Day: April 17th

Time: 7:00 PM

More information: 

  • 154 couples signed up

  • When you arrive at the Corn Palace on Saturday evening, please enter through the front entrance and stop at the table that will be located in the front lobby to pick up your escort card.

  • To assist in picking up the escort cards quicker, cards will be placed in alphabetical order according to the girl’s last name.  This does not mean you have to line up in alphabetical order for the grand march.  Each couple will be announced as they come on stage.

There will also be police officers and drug dogs checking each couple prior to the Grand March for being under the influence of any controlled substance.  If a problem is detected, the individual(s) will be escorted out of the Corn Palace.  Please, do not put yourself in an embarrassing situation let’s have a fun and safe 2021 Jr./Sr. Prom.


After Prom

Where: MHS


Doors Open @12AM

Door Lock @1AM

Price: $20 per person

More information: 

  • Your ticket get you into the games, entered into the prize drawing, food, and watching/participating with the hypnotist!

  • Enter through the south doors by the old auditorium to check in and to get to the games. 

  • Your parents will be contacted if you buy a ticket to After Prom and do not show up

  • You can leave early after permission has been granted by your parents

  • The mission for After Prom is to provide a safe, entertaining evening for student to enjoy.

Purchase Tickets: 

Where: MCTEA Ms. Zimmerman's Desk


Before School

After School

During Lunch

Dates: April 13-April 16

Do I have to wear a mask? 

Yes, masks are required by everyone the entire night. 

Is it too late to sign up?  

No, but you much pay to purchase your ticket. Talk to Ms. Schmidt if you would like to sign up late. 

Can I buy a recording of Grand March? 

Yes, bring $10 to Mr. Mastel and he will get you a copy. 

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