Student Graduation Information

Graduation Rehearsal

Wednesday May 12th 2:30PM


When is Graduaction?

Saturday May 23rd @ 2 PM

Where does Graduation happen?

Corn Palace

What time do I need to arrive for Graduation?

1:30 PM on May 23rd

Where do I go when I arrive for Graduation?

Upstairs Armory

How many credit do I need to walk Graduation?

19.5 credits

Do I need to wear a gold hood/collar?

If you are considered a honors students (3.5 to 4.0 GPA), then yes, you need to wear a gold MHS collar. Not sure if you qualify for honors? Reach out to Patti Zimmerman (district registrar)

Do I get to keep my gold hood/collar?

The MHS gold hood/collars belong to the high school and will be collected as you leave the Corn Palace floor after the ceremony. If you want pictures with the hood, make sure to pick it up now.

What do I need to wear under my gown?

Dress clothes should be worn under your graduation gown. Jeans, cutoffs, sports shirts, or sports shoes are not allowed.

Will I received my dipolma on Graduation day?

No, you will just recieve you dipolma cover. Your signed dipolma will be mailed to you over the summer.

Can I still order a cap and gown?

Yes, please visit Jostens website for more information.

I need a cap/gown/tassle, but can not afford one, is there one I can borrow?

Yes. Reach out to The Caring Closet of Mitchell to find out informaiton on how to get what you need at no cost to you.

Am I allowed to decorate my cap or gown?

No decorate, alterations, or embellishments are allowed. Have a spirtual/cultural belief you want observed? Reach out to Dr. Childs to work this out.

Can I be handed a quilt a graduation?

Please reach out to Dr. Childs to make any necessary arrangements.

Can I add a feather to my cap?

Please reach out to Dr. Childs to make arrangements.

Can I iron my gown?

Only with a steam or cool iron. Heat will cause the gown to become shinny.

Do I have to attend rehersal?

Yes, it is required to attend graduation rehersal. If you do not, you will be completely lost and have no idea what you are doing.