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Our Philosophy

Second Chance High is a unique educational setting that provides options for individuals wanting to earn a high school diploma. Academic and technical oriented education programs are provided through an individualized, student‐ centered approach. Participants will learn through online instructional classrooms, small groups, community-based outreach programs, and employment opportunities. Content areas will stress individualized education, career development, and persona growth in a positive and caring environment.

Second Chance High staff will work with each student to assess academic, career, and personal needs to develop an individualized learning plan. Emphasis will be placed on helping students develop self‐discipline and responsibility like what would be expected of them in a work setting. Staff will maintain and model an orderly learning atmosphere through fair and respectful treatments of students.

A fundamental belief of the school is that all students are of value and that they need guidance to find and develop the positive qualities they possess. We understand that many of them come to us with life circumstances that present barriers to their success. We strive to be non‐judgmental and to provide a structured and supportive environment. We understand they have histories of failures in the “traditional” educational system. We will strive to find creative approaches to their learning. This will enable them to experience success and create satisfying futures.

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