Sunday, May 16th 6PM

Mitchell Performing Arts Center

Hosted by the Mitchell Ministerial Association

Masks Required

In person attendance only, no live stream will be available.

Student Information 

  • Plan to meet at the MHS Performing Arts Center no later than 5:50 p.m. on Sunday, May 16.


  • Honorary marshals will lead you in and out of your rows.  Fill in the seats of those not attending.


  • Remain standing by your seat until all have entered. Boys will remove their caps before the invocation and should leave them off during the entire service.  Try to do this in unison. (It is not customary for girls to remove their cap at any time.)  Everyone remain standing until after the invocation.  The "AMEN" is the signal for all to sit.  At the close of the service, stand for the benediction.


  • Maintain an arms‑length interval while marching into the PAC. Don't stampede ‑ but do not march too slowly either.  When marching out of the PAC, the intervals may be closer and you may go out at a regular walking pace.


  • A copy of the program will be available for your use, and you may have a copy with you.  Be familiar with the order of events so that you can respond appropriately.  You will not be allowed to leave before the service is finished.