About Second Chance High School

No Excuses

It does not matter where a person has been or why they are here; our focus is where they are headed and what they are willing to do to get there. We make improvements, not excuses.

See It Through

We make a commitment to ourselves, our families and our communities to complete what we've started here at Second Chance High and elsewhere in our lives. We will work hard. We will do our best. We will see it through.

Higher Learning

 All Second Chance High students will be prepared for higher education, regardless of whether they intend to attend upon graduation or pursue employment.


Second Chance High offers high school students an alternative to the traditional classroom setting as they work toward their high school diplomas.  Second Chance features a smaller setting and utilizes primarily one-on-one interaction between the teachers and students. Second Chance High is not a dumping ground, nor is it the easy way out for students.   Courses are personalized and adapted for each student.  The staff at Second Chance works together as a team sharing ideas and concerns such as academics, social, law, medical and/or family while making decisions on matters involving individual students and program policies.

As we are a one-to-one laptop school, Edgenuity is the online curriculum utilized by Second Chance High. Edgenuity enables students to take classes online while receiving one-on-one attention by highly certified instructors, along with hands on labs and group activities.  Other technologies include access to Ipads, SmartBoards, science probes, and robotics along with a variety of other technologies enforcing 21st Century skills for the real world.

Each student has his/her own plan of study that addresses the courses she/he needs for graduation.  Teachers do not lecture; instead, they are curriculum-coaches as they assist students one-on-one. Teachers help set the pace that best suits the goals of each student. Second Chance students are able to accelerate their progress if they are capable, or they are able to receive additional assistance from teachers and their online tutors if needed.  Zeros are not allowed, and all assignments must be completed.  

Much responsibility is expected of the students at Second Chance High, which also provides assistance to surrounding school districts. While attending Second Chance High, the director and staff closely monitor all electives at MCTEA and the student’s home high school courses to ensure that students are working to their potential and completing assignments in a timely manner.

In addition to the academic assistance and guidance, students receive assistance with personal/life issues and post-secondary planning.  Students are directed to counseling and other service agencies to address any personal needs they have.  In addition, students have access to job-search assistance through the SD Department of Labor.  Finally, students receive assistance with explorations of post-secondary options, scheduling of college/technical school visits, ACT and entrance testing, and applications for financial aid and scholarship opportunities, some available through the local Mitchell Exchange Club.  

Another component of Second Chance High is that we provide community service opportunities through our Interact Club sponsored by the local Rotary Club. Our students seek out projects that benefit others individually or for the community overall.  Food drives, Trunk-or-Treat, assisting with the pheasant banquet and Bull Bash, creating goodie trays for the hospital, police/fire departments, and writing letters to Santa to raise money for Make-a-Wish are a few of the projects students devoted their time and energy towards to benefit our programs at Second Chance High. Community service expands our students learning opportunities beyond the walls of the classroom and makes them active members of their community.  

Other projects allow fundraising opportunities which assist with purchasing technology, equipment, school supplies for students, field trips and speakers for Second Chance programs.  The Exchange Club, local businesses and individuals have contributed funding for our summer school program which is offered for those students recovering credits to keep them on track for graduation.  During summer school, local businesses are incorporated into the summer curriculum providing students connections to community leaders, tourism, and economic development.


Second Chance High is a unique educational setting that provides options for individuals wanting to earn a high school diploma. Academic and technical oriented education programs are provided through an individualized, student‐ centered approach. Programs are attentive to the variety of learning styles among students. Participants will learn through online instructional classrooms, small groups, community-based outreach programs, and employment opportunities. Content areas will stress individualized education, career development, and persona growth in a positive and caring environment.

Second Chance High staff will work with each student to assess academic, career, and personal needs to develop an individualized learning plan. Emphasis will be placed on helping students develop self‐discipline and responsibility like what would be expected of them in a work setting. Staff will maintain and model an orderly learning atmosphere through fair and respectful treatments of students.

A fundamental belief of the school is that all students are of value and that they need guidance to find and develop the positive qualities they possess. We understand that many of them come to us with life circumstances that present barriers to their success. We strive to be non‐judgmental and to provide a structured and supportive environment. We understand they have histories of failures in the “traditional” educational system. We will strive to find creative approaches to their learning. This will enable them to experience success and create satisfying futures.