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About Second Chance High School

No Excuses

It does not matter where a person has been or why they are here; our focus is where they are headed and what they are willing to do to get there. We make improvements, not excuses.

See It Through

We make a commitment to ourselves, our families and our communities to complete what we've started here at Second Chance High and elsewhere in our lives. We will work hard. We will do our best. We will see it through.

Higher Learning

 All Second Chance High students will be prepared for higher education, regardless of whether they intend to attend upon graduation or pursue employment.


Second Chance High offers students an alternative to the traditional classroom setting as they work towards gaining a high school diploma.  Second Chance features a smaller setting and utilizes primarily one-on-one interaction between the teachers and students. Courses are personalized and adapted for each student. The staff at Second Chance works together as a team sharing ideas and concerns regarding academics, social aspects, law, medical and/or family dynamics while also making decisions on matters involving individual students and program policies.

Online Program

Edgenuity is the online curriculum utilized by Second Chance High. Edgenuity enables students to take classes online while receiving one-on-one attention from highly certified instructors. Second Chance also uses the online ALEKS math program to develop and foster math skills in our students.

Student's Academic Plan

Each student has his/her own plan of study that addresses the courses she/he needs for graduation. Teachers are curriculum-coaches who assist students one-on-one, and they help set the pace that best suits the goals of each student. Second Chance students can accelerate their progress if they are capable, and they are able to receive additional assistance from teachers if needed. Students at Second Chance also have the opportunity to take CTE (career and technical education) courses and traditional high school courses. Students can take courses they have an interest in such as welding, culinary, automotive, construction, music, art, drama, etc.

Student Expectations

Responsibility is expected of the students at Second Chance High. Students must maintain their grades and their attendance while enrolled in the alternative school program. Students must ensure that they are working to their potential and completing assignments in a timely manner, while also maintaining a respectful and positive attitude.

Services Offered

In addition to academic assistance and guidance, students receive assistance with personal/life issues and post-secondary planning. Students are directed to counseling and other service agencies to address any personal needs they have. In addition, students have access to job-search assistance through the SD Department of Labor. Finally, students receive assistance with explorations of post-secondary options, scheduling of college/technical school visits, ACT and entrance testing, and applications for financial aid and scholarship opportunities. 

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